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I love to see group exhibits by unknown artists. They’re full of fresh ideas.


An Interview by Molly O’Connor

Savannah Mitchell

Savannah Mitchell

Twenty-five year-old artist Savannah Mitchell holds a Bachelor of Art in Psychology and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art (specialization in Painting and Ceramics) from the University of Oklahoma. She is a library enthusiast and has been working for the Metropolitan Library System is some capacity or other for the last 7 years. Savannah grew up in south Oklahoma City, but has also lived in Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Alabama. She defines herself as “a huge nerd and a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady.”

But Savannah is also the creative maven who founded an ingenious, grassroots project known as The Small Art Exchange, a project that was started in June of 2011.


What is the Small Art Exchange?


Savannah Mitchell: Small Art Exchange is an eclectic group of self-proclaimed artists of all kinds– painters, knitters, sculptors, ceramicists, doodlers…

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