Fire and Ice: August Absolute Write Blog Chain

Oklahoma burning

So it’s 112 degrees outside, dozens of wildfires are still raging across my state, and the greatest minds in the world are developing new apps for the iPhone?

Seriously folks, the planet needs some attention—but what can we normal folks do about it? I live in the Bible Belt where much of the past five years has been spent denying that global warming existed. Of course all that stopped when the drought hit the corn crop.

Greenland melting

Everything that those scheming scientists predicted is coming true, only faster. Ice chunks the size of Rhode Island are breaking off the polar ice caps and people are getting scared because … well, we feel rather helpless in the face of climate change.

We shouldn’t.

There’s one common weapon that every average American carries on a daily basis, a smart phone. It’s a fairly sophisticated device. An average iPhone contains better processors than the ones that took the astronauts to the moon, I think.  Correct me if I’m wrong. If we combine all that power to a common goal, we have to be able to do something to help out.

And yes, we need to recycle, eat less meat, carpool to work, and do all the things that those scheming scientists have been asking us to do for a while now, but I’m asking if we can’t also do more. A little offense to match those rather defensive measures. We Americans would rather punch a button than give up an evil pleasure. I’m picturing in my mind that lung cancer survivor smoking a Camel. He’s down to one lung and complaining between drags of the cigarette about the high cost of radiation treatments…puff. He’s going to try that experimental drug that his brother-in-law told him about … puff.  So he can keep smoking.

I’m not judging him any more that I’m judging myself for eating a doughnut.

Get real. It’ll be 200 degrees outside and everyone in places like Houston and LA will still be climbing into their cars to drive to work everyday—unless there’s a gun in their face. Have you ever tried to take a bus from west Houston to the Texas Medical Center? I did once. The bus stunk,the transfers left me standing on street corners choking on car fumes and the drivers were rude. Two and a half hours later, I arrived having missed my meeting. That isn’t going to work for anyone who has the cash to drive.

Yet every day millions of Americans walk around using only an nth of the capacity of their smart phones. Isn’t there something we can do with them? Could I automatically power up some little umbrella 12,000 feet up–to reflect some sun? Could I open and close the vents to a solar powered generator that supplies the juice for my a/c? You think I’m insane, but I say it’s reality. We aren’t going back to the stone age except in apocalyptic YA stories. I’m looking forward to seeing The Passage adapted to a movie as much as anyone, but that doesn’t mean I actually want to live it.

Tell me, which app can I download to turn down the heat?

Note: This post was written as part of the Absolute Write Water Cooler’s Fire & Ice Blog Chain.  Good thing I wrote this a couple weeks ago since my turn came up while I’m under deadline.  Wouldn’t want to make a bad impression since these folks ROCK.  You should see the rest of the posts:


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12 thoughts on “Fire and Ice: August Absolute Write Blog Chain

  1. Semi-related smartphone rant: I’m heated about Verizon getting rid of my unlimited data plan. I’m suppose to be grandfathered in but I can’t even change my minutes or upgrade to a new phone without losing the unlimited data plan. I have at least another year on my contract and then I’m switching companies.

    Oh, I use about 4g of data a month BY MYSELF. And about 200 minutes a month. If I wanted to use my phone to talk, I’d still have one of those flip phones – at least those are toddler proof.

  2. Lizzy, I agree. And I know it sounds crazy, but there ought to be something we could do with that much unlimited data space to help the planet too. Like each text could carry along with it a bit of some research scientist’s project? My TV cable carries my internet and land line now. Why not my cell phone?

  3. I don’t think computing power is really holding scientists back anymore. In fact, I think they’ve given us many ways to fix the problem. The issue is implementing them – and that’s a political/social issue. The app we need isn’t about running calculations, but about influencing attitudes. I guess that means more memes. Memes will save us all.

  4. I like forward thinking! I just purchased a plug-in for my alarm system at home which I can turn on and off using my smart phone. 😀 Pretty soon, we’ll be walking around with invisible heat shields and cooling devices.

  5. Well, my country brags about being Green but we still have emission regulations that are old, buses look like furnaces and no-one shares cars (guilty as charged). It hurts to see that people don’t care, and I propose that we simply eliminate the possibility of having more people on Earth. That’s the only way it’s going to work.

  6. /i’m kinda old, so I already feel like I’m living the Jetsons. Maybe if we throw away the limits to logical thinking, we can make something happen.

  7. I’ll agree we need to slow population growth, but think that China already tried to ban new births with no success. If we just educate and empower women through the world, the rate of population growth will slow.

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