Getting my feet wet as a reviewer at Book End Babes

So here’s my first-ever published review. Y’all let me know how I did.


GOLD by Chris Cleave: The Olympics Like You Never Expected

Guest post by Lucie Smoker – Author of Distortion, available from Buzz Books, November 2012

The Olympic Closing Ceremonies have faded, the athletes have flown home, but you don’t have to give up the thrill of intense competition.  One of the greatest writers of our time, Chris Cleave, has penned the perfect follow-up novel, Gold

From the opening scene where your heart pounds in time with a potential gold-medal cyclist, Zoe, to the heartache of her best friend, Kate, who chose her sick child over her chance for glory, Gold drives you forward with simple, human caring. You will love/hate these people and want them to win—and even to lose.  Problem is, they’re so often competing with each other and with real life.

The hard fight is back home…

Visit Book End Babes for the full review.


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