An art contest for The Apocalypse Sucks


Who says the apocalypse can’t have its humorous moments? Y’all met author Peggy Chambers on this blog last week and her buddy story, “Bra Wars,” the first in a series for The Apocalypse Sucks is available now. While most people perished after the virus hit, some lived and some mutated.

Buzz Books is looking for the right “bat mutant” to promote with her series. The winner will receive 25% royalties off of any items sold in addition to a great showcase for your art, including a national press release and links on our site if you’d like to promote your other work.

You could find your art on T-shirts, poster, ecards,, journals and other promotional items before Halloween!

To enter:

First, go to the Buzz Books Facebook page and “like” The Apocalypse Sucks page as that is where you’ll send your friends to vote for your image in the contest.

Next, submit your hi-res full color art to buzzbooksusa (at) me (dot) com by Sept. 25th. Please send it as an attachment in a jpeg format.  We will notify you that we have received it. If you don’t hear from us, that means we did not receive it. Make sure you submit the form from this Buzz Books Contest Page  so we have all of your info on file.

They’ll pick  10 favorite pieces of art for the semi-final round and then submit them for online judging starting September 26th. The one with the most votes by Oct 10 will be declared the winner and will be used in designs before Halloween!

If you’d like to purchase the short story, it’s available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Visit the book page for more details.

Good luck and please share this contest with all the artists in your life.



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