Connections I Wish Would Stop

Fate keeps connecting my work with the news.  As we were wrapping up Distortion, a Hammerskin neo-Nazi skinhead walked into a Wisconsin mosque and killed randomly. The skinheads in the book are clearly identified as Hammerskins.  At the time I was an activist, they were just moving into Houston.  Unfortunately, the hate violence in the book is relevant right now.  I wish it wasn’t.
Yesterday, I completed a  short story called “Retribution.”  A prequel to Distortion, it’s a light caper about Adele Proust unexpectedly faced with pulling off a political stunt when her activist boyfriend gets arrested.  That stunt focuses attention on South African mining.
The top story in my newsfeed today is Reuters reporting on the current lawlessness in South Africa:
Their Hollywood-style shootouts are growing more common.  The lucrative government contracts that Reuters refers to include mining permits–for diamonds, platinum and gold.  The mining companies own the politicians and police.
Here’s another article from 10/4 on the growing unrest: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/10/04/us-safrica-strikes-idUSBRE8930W320121004 (Note that the article is in the Business section. Multinational investors are the only ones watching South Africa right now.)
I do think we’re all connected somehow.  Like years ago when I was an activist, I think there’s a reason I’m driven to write just now.  Not that it’s important or noble or anything, just as a sort of a voice that needs to be heard.  It’s calling out through many sources, including my stories.  I only wish it would stop tearing apart South Africa … again.

2 thoughts on “Connections I Wish Would Stop”

  1. I’ve never seen South Africa, but I feel your pain very clearly through your writing. I’m so sorry these are the connections that are being made. I promise at least one other person is paying more attention than they would have before … simply because you care.

  2. Keep caring to impact our world in a positive manner. Applaud your efforts to use your voice to promote fairness, peace and justice–Cheers!

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