Thoughts on being on–and “off” the shelf

Hurricane be damned.  Almost three years ago I started writing about an artist character named Adele.  I remember thinking, I like this girl.  She has potential. A lot has happened since then, including launching Distortion today. Sandy and her devastation can’t stop this story.  The hard work has already been done.  It has a life now–so does Adele.

I went by Hastings books where they had signs posted for the launch party on Saturday and everyone was so upbeat about the book.  What great support.  Mostly, I was thrilled to see my book on the Mystery shelf under “S.”  These days, a launch seems like a formality.  But it’s a time to be grateful and a time to share how I got from Point A-potential, to Point B-publication.

My friend, Leslee Ballard hada local book column and was kind enough to interview me about the process.

Off the Shelf:  An Interview with
Lucie Smoker about


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