Three Poets: Beauty is Sarwah Osei-Tutu

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This is the first of three posts on poets:  Beauty, Goodness and Truth.  I recently met a poet online whose work interests me–and I think you’ll enjoy her work as well. Here’s a little about Sarwah–from the author herself:


I write poetry, about my life, children, predictions, just about anything that can happen on a particular day to a year.  Sometimes, they stem from feelings that I have or used to have at a given point.
Expressing myself, on paper helps combat my fears and anxieties, I enjoy it and I take time out to do it.  When I take this time out, I feel relieved and excited at the end of it. In the short two months, the book has been released, the response has been tremendous, and has edged me to compose all my poetry into more books.
sarwehsbookTHE HIGHS, lows, Inbetweens:  One Woman’s Journey through LIFE is a book of poetry written at each stage of my life.  Childhood, University Student, Mother, Married, Separation and a Single Mother. Life is tough for everyone. I believe that everyone has struggled through one aspect of their life, others every aspect. I do have faith that one day, it will get better and the journey will end with a stronger, wiser woman at the end of it.

Here’s one poem from the book–by Sarwah Osei-Tutu:


Beauty and The Beast

A feeling deep inside of me.

Is displayed as the beast, when frustrations grow in me.

It leads me to temptation and plays with my mind.

It turns into hatred before my very eyes.


The feeling I love, and want to endure is beauty

It leads to generosity and worldly things

I am focused, determined, all the things that pleases me.

When I am beauty and not the beast.


Sarwah began writing when she was just 3 years old.  At my request, she wrote a little about what the poem means to her:


About Beauty and The Beast, it is one of my all-time favourite movies. I am an avid fan of animation. The problem with beauty is the fact that everyone looked at him [the Beast] on the outside and felt he was a monster. This is me, when I go through times of depression, I dress like a bag lady. I do not care about my appearances, and I am treated like a beast, hence the title of the poem.


When, I rise, and start to focus, I am observed as being Beauty. I dress nicely, I take time with my appearance and act differently towards others, my house is like a perfect haven. This is my reminder of the fact this is how, I should be all the time.


I love that her chief influences are within her family–from her mother to her aunts.  Outside inspirations include Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou and other strong females who strive to help others, due to the heartache and pain they have experienced in life. Her next book of poetry is called Just Me.  It will be followed by Moments, and Untitled.


Click on the book cover above to visit its page on Goodreads.  Sarwah is planning a book tour through the US and UK. so please visit her Facebook page and her blog for more information:




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