Art in Progress: Lisa Magyar’s Unique, Functional Art

lisa at wheel
Lisa at wheel

With boundless energy, potter Lisa Magyar flits from project to project in the Northern Oklahoma College basement studio. She’s one of the most creative people I’ve ever met with a true, visual interpretation of life. Tonight, I’m trying to interview her about her work in the middle of a pottery class. Luckily, her students are set on projects and Lisa has a few minutes to spare while working on an owl ornament.

lisa wonky bowl

Lisa and I worked together at a children’s museum where she served as Operations Manager and I as Science Coordinator. Of course, that meant that we both taught rowdy classes, cleaned up animal crap, swept floors, built projects with no budget, and dried the tears of children who missed their moms. Almost as important was the art and science. It was in working together that I learned just how illogical an artist’s mind can be–at least in the case of Lisa. Her creative process is truly an art in itself.

“When I get an idea, I tend to fixate on it until I can get it out of my head through pottery or painting. I start with a concept, then halfway through I might think, ‘It would be cool if… and I change everything–to make it slightly different. My mom always called that my art brain.”

lisa hands

Lisa works in basic white clay and red earthenware. She uses a low-fire process at about 1800 degrees. Working both with a wheel and free-form, she turns inspiration into goblets and mistakes into batter bowls. Each plate, each ornament seems alive with her vast energy. A chicken platter with yellow trim sits, perched, in front of me. It seems alive.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“I’m inspired by anything from fabrics to trees to textures or even the work of other artists/students. Yes, my students inspire me–both adults and kids. Absolutely I love the kids’ imaginations.”

With a degree in Interior Design, Lisa focuses on creating “unique, functional art.” She practices mostly pottery and acrylic painting, though I have seen her build science exhibits and admired her murals. .She will be teaching both a pottery and an acrylics class through Creative Arts Enid next semester.  The pottery classes will be at Northern Oklahoma College and the acrylics classes at CAE on Washington Street.. Lisa’s pottery is currently available through her Facebook page, and at the Enid Farmer’s Market when it reopens for Spring.

lisa studio
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 That Pottery Place

As she holds up a chicken nightlight, I ask how she feels when she finishes a project

“Pretty happy, and ready to start the next one.”

lisa chicken light

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  1. What an exceptional talent, and an enjoyable creative outlet…pottery seems like so much fun. Kudos to Lisa for sharing her amazing gift with young, budding artist and interested adults alike. Art is beautiful,and it’s a good thing when people expressed themselves through it. Two thumbs up!

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