Three Myths about Girls with “Girls” and Why We Should Talk About Them

In Distortion, I used a traditional “bombshell” character to throw out some myths about busty women that crime fiction tends to promote.  Why?  Because, like all generalizations, these myths hurt people.  In my case, they defined my negative self-image in my late teens/early twenties.  Suddenly confronted by aggressive males while at the same time feeling fat and unattractive because my clothes didn’t fit,  I felt both lost and painfully aware that nobody wanted to talk about it–least of all my Catholic mom.  Agree, disagree, or tell me I’m full of it, here are the facts as I see them:

The myths:

1). Busty women are aware of the power of their sexuality and prepared to use that power.

2). Girls with big “girls” are promiscuous.

3)  There’s an inverse relationship between the size off a woman’s breasts and the size of her brain, ie:the dumb bombshell.

Ridiculous.  As a woman who survived my twenties, I have to add that these myths are promoted by other women as much as by men.  We need to talk about then because every time a young girl gets confronted by one of these myths, she just might start believing it.

Next week, I’ll be answering questions about Distortion on Goodreads.  You can join the discussion group here:

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2 thoughts on “Three Myths about Girls with “Girls” and Why We Should Talk About Them”

  1. Thanks for using this in your novel. I think that busty women are one of a number of groups that are unfairly stereotyped against (some might say also for, but never wholly to their benefit), but aren’t considered high enough a priority for people to take the easy steps to stand up for them and give people uncomfortable with their bodies a representation that actually does something to make them feel at ease with themselves. Kudos.

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