Twist and Shout

New scene, new book.  I wonder what will happen next and what this character will find around the corner.  Ugh, just a couple of hands quickly disappearing into pockets.  Drugs, not interesting.

The next turn looks more enticing: an argument.  A man laid out on a bench, laughing hysterically.  The argument rages next to him.  A man, a woman and they’re short some cash.

There’s a certain randomness to good mystery.  I write as I turn a real-life corner.  Something interesting, unresolved.  I watch a shooting on the news.  My mind likes to fill in the gaps, to connect real life with something random.

Those connections my mind makes become TWISTS in the story.

People ask about voice a lot.  I think it comes from life.  If you’re locked in some little cubicle or a backroom of your house all day, writing and tweeting, you can’t live.  You don’t get to experience life’s random twists.  Instead, try visiting some new place, walking down a street instead of driving it.  Not only will your voice creep in when you start connecting the moments, it will SHOUT.

And a tidbit from my writing day (part of a Facebook series I write called MUSIC YOU CAN’T BUY ON iTUNES):

You know how you’re exercising hard to fast music and suddenly something slow or a vocal bit like this first one comes on and you get that feeling of running in mid-air?  I’m working on writing that feeling.

1) Listen to your fave LOUD song,

2) then “Lost Horizon,” by this Norwegian band,

3) then “Lay Down.”

Click to hear the music free on Jamendo
Click to hear the music free on Jamendo

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