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Mystery, Magic and the Aha! of the Reveal

Good morning! By surprise, I’m today’s guest on the Blood-Red Pencil, one of the best mystery craft blogs online.

It’s written by a group of mystery editors and established authors.  I’m totally honored to guest on a  blog that TAUGHT ME so much as I wrote the first book.  So instead of commenting here, y’all go visit my post–and the others–and please comment so they think I’m a draw 🙂

Click to view my article,
Click to view my article, “Mystery, Magic and the Aha! Of the Reveal

I forgot to mention my post is called “Mystery, Magic and the Aha! of the Reveal.”

Heather Smith Davis, the TMI Mom

Great workout this morning with author Peggy Chambers so I now have no excuse but to sit on my keister and WRITE—except the infamous Heather Smith Davis. “TMI Mom.” on Facebook, tagged me to go to my WIP, page 77, down 7 lines and give you the next seven lines.  Fun except I’m not so organized yet.  My WIP is still in scenes all over the “Books 2&3” file on my Dropbox.  So here are seven lines from the seventh document’s seventh page.  It would be a murder. What do you expect when you pull in so many sevens, Heather?

I called this scene originally “Beautiful Murder,” but decided that was too passe because everyone was doing Beautiful Somethings, so now it’s called “The Murder Wheel” (very rough):

Her body lay in an almost shrine of photos–smiling faces–with a carpet of flowers and green under, between. Clusters of one color faded into the next for this was a color wheel. Where Chinese Vermillion would have faded to Cadmium Red, the body splayed between petals of dianthus…

Sorry to sort of jolt you there.  I have a problem in that I’ve actually written six murder scenes for the next book, but only need three or four.  Perhaps the world has been bothering me lately?  We always say that crime writers have the best stress release.  If someone pisses us off, we go home and kill them.


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