Four Authors, One 5-Star Review, and a Psycho Interview

Crazy week.  Within 24 hours, my body confronted a great new workout tool called “peer pressure” and a chocolate covered donut.  Result:  I worked off the donut.

Four GREAT authors are giving you a sneak peek at their next work as the next phase of the 77-7 blog hop.  I tagged them last week.  So here they are (click on over to get an early view of next year’s bestselling fiction):

Ken Hoss

Peggy Chambers

Aaron Smith

June Kramin

Last night I received a  new review for my first mystery, Distortion, from a highly-respected Goodreads reviewer, Rowena M.  Check it out, five stars!

And last but most exciting of all, I got to interview WELCOME BACK, KOTTER and Daniel Rinaldi mysteries author, Dennis Palumbo for BookEnd Babes. A real therapist, Dennis also writes “Hollywood on the Couch” for the Huffington Post.  His amazing experiences as a shrink to the stars just seeps through his mysteries.  Fun interview.  Click his next book’s cover to visit.  Night Terrors comes in May:

night terrors


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