On Typing the Letter “T”

I used to have a keyboard that double-typed when I hit the letter “T.” Since it’s a pretty common letter, my family could’t understand why I didn’t just rush out to buy a new one. Fact is that I was under deadline when it first broke, then had a busy weekend of work. No time for a trip to the store.

imageBy the time Monday rolled around, I was kind of used to it. Each time I typed the letter “T,” my fingers automatically backed up a space, deleting the second “T.”

In the same way, I think we all adapt to change more easily when there’s no choice, no time to look it in the face.

Many of you are aware that I recently lost all hearing in my left ear, began experiencing unpredictable vertigo, and got diagnosed with an inner ear disease–sounds worse than it is.

Quite frankly, I’m already adapting without realizing it. Each time I go to work, I find it easier to avoid situations that cause me to spin and to just hold onto something if I do feel dizzy. At the gym today, I found myself easily adjusting my workout, skipping exercises that made me move my head in certain ways in favor if similar ones that wouldn’t cause vertigo. No choice unless I want to sit at home and gain weight.

By embracing the changes, I was able to get in the workout I needed..

Perhaps most of us resent when we don’t feel control over each little variation in our day, but the fact is that very few of us own the business where we work. Even “owners” have to constantly adapt to the market or the needs of their clients. We can actively work to improve things, to reverse negative changes. I certainly am looking for options on my vertigo so I can drive again.

If we can just avoid the whole side-trip into resenting change, we’ll find ourselves adapting much easier.

Sure, I eventually bought a new keyboard when the kids started using it more, but it wasn’t because I couldn’t adapt.


3 thoughts on “On Typing the Letter “T””

  1. I understand adapting … I have knee issues, and I love Zumba. These two things do not necessary mesh well. But I’m making do because I love Zumba. I know that’s not the same as a disease that routinely strikes and makes you nauseous and dizzy, however it’s a physical limitation that I refuse to let define me. I’m taking inspiration from you!

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