Books, plus a Prince, at the Menil

imageSince its opening while I lived in the neighborhood, The Menil Collection has held a very special place in my heart. Impossible to convey in photos, the gallery itself is master work of vision. I love wandering around the porches outside, meandering through the exhibit halls.

So I’m especially honored to be featured at their upcoming literary show, The Houston Indie Book Fest.


I will be presenting a workshop at 11am on “Seven Steps to Bring Your “Finished” Book to a Publisher. The focus is on making your book the very best it can be, from understanding relevance to pitching in the right places.

I hope you will tell everyone you know to drop by, especially by 11am. I will give away one autographed copy of DISTORTION at the beginning of the workshop. uh, Yes, you have to be present to win.

But we’ll all be winners, sharing a warm day of art and words at my fave inspirational mecca. See you there!

Eannatum, Prince of Lagash, 2600-2340 BC
Eannatum, Prince of Lagash, 2600-2340 BC

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