Writing Art: the mindset

I love the mindset of many artists.  It isn’t always logical, but is more driven by feelings, interaction, emotions, connections or contrasts. Expression is art, so it can be logical, though more often observant, filled with wonder or anger, beauty or pain.

When I write about Adele, the artist sleuth, I enjoy diving into her mindset, looking at the crime through all her senses to try to find an expression of shape, feeling that means something. Adele has a way of approaching a crime investigation that differs from the usual detective.

Her perceptive technique is less deduction through logic than it is through emotion and visual cues–as opposed to clues. Colors, contrasts become starting points that turn the investigation in unexpected directions. And yes, sometimes she follows a logical path, but sometimes a more emotional one. Because the truth lies in-between the two, especially in crimes of passion.

Today and yesterday I began writing again in earnest. Still in recovery from surgery every word seems to push away my brain fog. I know what I write now may not be my best, but at least the words feel like my own again.

Wishing you a great write!


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