Call for Submissions: The Art Fiction Gala

It's your turn to walk the red carpet!
It’s your turn to walk the red carpet!

The Art Fiction Gala is a virtual celebration of fiction inspired by the visual arts. Dress up in your finest, pick up some friends–a bottle of wine–and sample mind-blowing fiction that crosses the line between literature and visual art, Literarti? Then visit our gallery of art inspired by literature.

AUTHORS: Submit using the contact form at https://luciesmoker.wordpress.com/contact/
Links only, no attachments. I will be featuring small to mid-sized images on my site, but will link to your larger image.

1) Send 50 words or less about how your published (indie or traditional) work of fiction was inspired by or promotes the visual arts–through featuring an artist, painting, sculpture, performance art, etc. My only strict rule is that it must involve the visual arts–the crossover between literary and visual arts is the focus of the event. (Sorry, but music fiction is not the focus unless it also involves ballet or some other form of dance as a primary inspiration for the fiction).

2) Send a pdf or any e-book link with a free, substantial sample of your work, minimum 3 pages. You may also include a buy link. Note that this is family art event so while some nudity/violence is acceptable, it must be such that would be appropriate for a R-rated film. No hard-core or erotica, please.

3) Send a link to a photo of you or your book-or both-“dressed up” as for a gala. Again, these photos should be family-appropriate, less nudity accepted here and only if key to the art theme in your book. Let me know if you have trouble getting a photo online and I will try to help. Normally, if yo upload it to your blog, FB, Twitter, etc, that creates a permalink which we can use.

ARTISTS: As a side-event, I will host a gallery of art featuring reading or inspired by literature. This is for serious artists who were in some way inspired by literature. I will be featuring small to mid-sized images on my site, but will link to your larger image. Again keep in mind that this is a family-friendly blog, so while some nudity and violence is acceptable and artwork as such s featured there currently, I reserve the right to decline works I consider inappropriate for my blog. Send links only, no attachments, to the contact page above.

The Art Fiction Gala is a part of the Blogger Book Fair. The Gala will be online for the length of the fair. DEADLINE IS EXTENDED TO July 15th for all parts of your submission. Earlier subs may receive preview honors.

* The purpose of this event is to promote fiction that highlights the visual arts. As such, the work must be published, self or traditional, and available to the public at whatever price. If a book is to be published in the next three months, you may include a public pdf link which readers can access free for a substantial sample (minimum 3 pages). Artwork must be viewable somewhere online.


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