The Monster That Eats My Books

No, this isn’t an attack on paper books. I still like to read them especially if I know the author. I like to buy a paper book, get it autographed, and savor it slowly knowing that this book came from my community. But warm fuzzies don’t solve my storage problem. Fact is, we have five book storage areas in this house, each one packed.

And somewhere, hiding within one of them, is a MONSTER that eats books.


This morning, for example, the Monster seems to have snitched my latest read, Bread and Butter, the Murders of Polly Frisch, a great true-crime read with an awesome mystery. I’m thinking the monster saw the title and thought, side dish! So I’m searching the bookshelves, plus the book-stacks next to the three readers’ beds, but nothing.

And of course I’m noticing the dust, again.

It doesn’t matter how often one dusts these bookshelves, they seem to get dusty the next day. Perhaps it’s the crumbs of books eaten by our monster.

I’m not pushing e-readers except to point out that they tend to be monster free. And dusting off my iPad takes less than ten seconds.

Mainly, I just want my book back. Monster, please?

P.S. Yes that is a pic of an actual, MESSY, reader’s bookshelf. One of my pet peeves is the photo of the perfectly neat and dust-free shelf so often shared online. If you have a family that reads, that is bullshit.


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