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What makes a writer?

(reblogged from 6/2013 while I revise Paradox)

What makes a writer? Not English degrees. Not publishing deals. Only one thing defines us:

Words on paper.

That’s it, really. Yes, if you want someone to actually read the words, you have to do more. If you want to make any money at it, you have to do more. But all writers have to begin in the same place:

The blank page.

And we conquer it. That’s the basics.

Don’t let someone tell you it starts anywhere else. NOT with buying “these four books,” or doing “that specific drill that they sell for $19.95.” There are plenty of people ready to make money off your dream of becoming a writer. Only one person can actually help you achieve it:

You know who.

And there’s truly only ONE way to do it: putting words on paper. So write, dammit.

And PS: Do it because you love it. If you take up writing because you want an “easy” way to make money, you will likely be disappointed. But if you just make the writing itself your reward, any gold-any-will feel kinda nice.

Hoping you’ll be astounded by pure bliss,



8 thoughts on “What makes a writer?”

  1. Just because you write, doesn’t mean you can actually TYPE. Me either.

    I’m still with you on the dilemma though. To me, an author is a person who has written a book. If you have finished one book or one series of shorts, then you are an author regardless of publishing status. I’m a writer ad an author. Seems like the writer has more use of a business card for selling articles.

  2. Sometimes I wholeheartedly agree, others I trip myself up with what hasn’t happened, what hasn’t been written. But yes, it can only begin with words on paper.

  3. Thanks, Mrs. Fringe. I know what you mean. Since my surgery, I’ve put way to much pressure on myself to do this or that to sell my writing. But now that my head is back, I’m ready to face the page again. Sort of wrote this to myself.

    And Peggy, you should write for the U.N., ms diplomat

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