Giving Time; Throwing Knives

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Kayla Curry is the chief organizer of the Blogger Book Fair and thus a selfless hard worker. I wanted to know what type of person would give so much of herself and ask for nothing in return.

Visit Kayla's Site
Visit Kayla’s Site

Kayla, your bio says you enjoy arts and crafts–and knife throwing. Yes, that’s a hobby I can relate to. How did you pick it up and—ahem–who helps, or rather helped, you practice?

Actually, I am self-taught. I bought a couple sets of knives, watched a few videos on throwing and set off to do the same thing. When I started out, my sister helped me scavenge for wooden targets in our neighborhood. She liked to watch, but she never actually picked it up herself.

The author's knife collection.
The author’s knife collection.

You have several stories, both self-published and with an indie publisher, Martin Sisters Publishing, plus your novel with that indie. Tell us how you met your publisher and enticed them to invest in your work.

I found Martin Sisters Publishing through an edition of the Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market. It’s a great book for those who are looking to publish and submit stories. I made a list of publishers I thought might be interested in my work, and sent out a batch of queries. MSP was one of the publishers in my first batch. I was actually just about to send out a second batch when I heard from them. They had liked my query letter and wanted to read my full manuscript. So, I sent them Obsidian and a few weeks later they offered me a contract. I was so excited, and now I’ve just signed my second contract with them for the second book in the Mystic Stones Series, Moonstone.

Click to buy Obsidian
Click to buy Obsidian

Tell us about Obsidian and your plans for the Mystic Stones series.

Obsidian is the first book in the series and it takes place in 2020. The world has just woken up to find that most of the modern technology that they rely on doesn’t work due to the satellites orbiting the earth being infected with a virus. Ava Tanner tries to go about business as usual, but finds that her client Tom Walker is actually part of the organization that is behind it, and furthermore, that he is a vampire. She escapes after a brief period of captivity, and she and her friends set out to stop Psytech and the vampires.

As for the rest of the series, I have big plans. The second book, Moonstone, takes place in 2013 and follows another set of characters who are also tied into the plans of Psytech, but to find out how, you’ll have to read the book. I plan on making the series 5 books long, with 4 of the books following different sets of characters and tying all of them together in the fifth and final book.

Your protagonist, Ava, has a magical secret and terrible taste in men. Is there something about your real life that inspired that combination?

Well, I’ve had my fair share of bad relationships, of course. I’ve met the wolf in sheep’s clothing, which is basically what Tom is in the beginning. And, Ava’s magic comes from her mother, who gave her strength. My mother is always there for me and by watching her raise us as a single mother, I came to be stronger too. She always taught me to be independent and to be myself, no matter what and that is what I try to have all of my female characters strive for.

What flavor of vampire would you call these, LeStat, Edward Cullen or something altogether different?

I would say my vampires are pretty different. There is a mixture, I guess of Edward Cullens, and Lestats. Tom is a power hungry vampire who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, but Perry Eberly, a secondary character in Obsidian is mellow and just like any human. In Moonstone, you’ll meet Dorin, a cursed vampire who has been pretty vicious in the past, but everything changes for him when he meets Aila, yet his also cursed brother Andrei remains an evil man who views humans as playthings.

My vampires are strong and fast. Sunlight doesn’t affect them at all and they can only be killed by an obsidian dagger to the heart. Most of the species wants world domination, but some are rebellious to the Vampire Emperor’s plans.

Heathcliff is the tree
Heathcliff is the tree

If you could throw a silver knife through one literary character, who would you target?

Hmm, that is a tough one. I would have to say Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights. It’s a great book and all, but all the characters are so frustrating and he is the worst! I don’t think there are many likeable characters in that book and if I could just line some of them up and throw a silver knife through all of them, I totally would.


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