“I am both an artist and an author–a visual author.”

The Art Fiction Gala Opens with Amanda (AK) Taylor. She personifies what I had in mind when I suggested this event. Take some time, click into the artwork on her site and envision the worlds in her beautiful stories come to life.


Visit Amanda's Amazon page to read sample chapters of both books.
Visit Amanda’s Amazon page to read sample chapters of both books.

In general I am and have always been a visual person in just about everything I do.
I just love to observe things, and things always appear as pictures or movies in my head. When I was a child that was the way it was in play or role playing. Naturally it carried over to my writing.

imageInspiration of my work seems to come from everywhere: nature, television, video games, and occasionally paintings and sculpture. Because I write fantasy artistry comes from my own head quite a bit. To capture the essence of Native Americans and ancient Egypt art from their culture from various levels comes in. I am an artist on several levels: I write, I draw and color, and I play musical instruments.

The artistry of my books is one of or the strongest aspect of my YA fantasy series because I want the reader to see what I see and it adds another dimension to the books, and it helps with the show vs tell.

Our next artist feature will be up shortly, then two more tomorrow night. Enjoy the interplay between the mind and the eye.


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