Would you date da Vinci?

Art Fiction GalaLeonardo da Vinci is a gorgeous young Italian with nowhere to go. Ramona Elise is the mom, teacher and widow who needs him–she just doesn’t know it yet.

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Dating da Vinci was the first book I ever read by Malena Lott and even though she has many other books now, I asked her to share how the original Leonardo influenced her novel and indeed, her life.

I’m a huge fan of Leonardo da Vinci. Once I learned about his gifts in so many different areas (architecture, science, city planning as well as art), he became a mentor for me to be curious about life and try new things. When I had my ad agency, I named our creative planning room, The da Vinci Den.

Visit Malena's site to learn about all of her books.
Visit Malena’s site to learn about all of her books.

And somewhere along the way I came up with the story about Ramona Elise (Mona Lisa) trying to find happiness as she approached the second anniversary of her husband’s death. My modern version of da Vinci has all the characteristics of the real da Vinci (skilled in so many different areas) and of course very handsome as he was said to be. He’s ten years younger than Ramona so it was fun to play with a May-December romance. The theme of identity and the beauty of life is important to the story. Thanks for letting me share my admiration for da Vinci!

I should add that Malena Lott is not only an author I admire, but also my publisher. In just two years she has built a growing multimedia indie, Buzz Books USA. Check out all their offerings at the website below, especially Malena’s latest, Family Charms.

Many events thanks to Buzz Books


Thanks everyone for sharing my interest in the convergence of art and words.

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