A Week of Joy

Monday morning doesn’t always feel this joyful. With a final week of freedom to share, my 13year old and I are spending the week together, laughing and doing some local field trips. No, nothing complicated that involves travel or planning. No intensity.

I FEEL GREAT – the best since my brain surgery – and I’m able to do a little more since I cut back my work hours a little in time for school to start next week. Before, as I felt better, I added more work time. Yes, we need money, but even more we need a little joy. It’s been a rough summer.

So ths week I’m writing a little, working a little and spending fun time with my son. The day after Labor Day school starts. Homeschool is some intense work, inpired yes, and very rewarding, but still a LOT of work. 13year old and I will spend most of our free time together in schoolwork. I work nights.

So here’s to JOY. A full week of it.


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