Writing Art: The Process

My first article for Art Focus Oklahoma is online today, so I’m celebrating with process, the act of creating art. Whether in painting or fiction, process is the engine of creation.

When writing Adele, I have to prepare for a painting scene in much the same way that an artist prepares to paint. I need equipment, pigments and a subject, ready. Perhaps they aren’t sitting before me but I still prep them with research. I don’t have to use turpentine or spirits, but I still need their smells. Painting is at first chemical, so I have to respect the way pigments blend or interact.

Next, I need action. You can’t paint without moving. I need to know how a painter paints, how her hands move, what she paints first and the technique she is using. In an earlier post, I spoke about mindset, but that is just the stimulus, now I have to make the vision work … like an artist.

Movement is so often missing in writing and art. When fully utilized, it throws a sense of doing into the illusion that carries it from sketchy vision to … um, life. If I want my scene to feel like painting then, yes, the process has to come alive. Just now, I’m enjoying writing articles for Art Focus Oklahoma and other magazines. They send me to interview artists about process or themes. The exposure only further inspires my fiction, with doing.

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Here’s my article: “Limitless, Beyond the Boundaries: CLAY,” on page 12.

Click to read the magazine. CLAY is on page 12.

Click the image to read the full article


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