Art Crawl

Creativity breeds creativity. I have a habit of checking out new art and music once a week. It keeps me from getting stale. Our small town has just one art gallery so I usually end up doing my Thursday-night art crawl online. So much neat art to see. Here are a couple of links to start (click the preview image to visit the site)

At Vandalog:

At Vandalog: Street artist Labrona and Others
At Vandalog: Street artist Labrona and Others in Montreal

At Linnea West’s Blog:

"Byzantine in Serbia" color comparisons
“Byzantine in Serbia” color comparisons

When I’m in a city, I make a point of visiting an obscure gallery or an art festival. I want to see something unexpected, fun, not a “masterpiece” faded by the centuries. The banjo museum in OKC provided both recently. What a blast.

Unplanned and unexpectedly awe-inspiring, The American Banjo Museum WOW!-ed us. If you are in Oklahoma, consider visiting it or any of the exhibits previewed in Art Focus Oklahoma this month, including CLAY which I wrote about on page 12.


So where do you go to look at art?



  1. We live halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee, so we try to get to the Art Institute a couple of times a year, and last year we also went to the Milwaukee Museum of Art. I try to do local galleries and art fairs occasionally, but I don’t make it a weekly thing. I really need to feed myself with art and music more than I do. Doing an Internet crawl is a good idea.

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