Art Crawl

Creativity breeds creativity. I have a habit of checking out new art and music once a week. It keeps me from getting stale. Our small town has just one art gallery so I usually end up doing my Thursday-night art crawl online. So much neat art to see. Here are a couple of links to start (click the preview image to visit the site)

At Vandalog:

At Vandalog: Street artist Labrona and Others
At Vandalog: Street artist Labrona and Others in Montreal

At Linnea West’s Blog:

"Byzantine in Serbia" color comparisons
“Byzantine in Serbia” color comparisons

When I’m in a city, I make a point of visiting an obscure gallery or an art festival. I want to see something unexpected, fun, not a “masterpiece” faded by the centuries. The banjo museum in OKC provided both recently. What a blast.

Unplanned and unexpectedly awe-inspiring, The American Banjo Museum WOW!-ed us. If you are in Oklahoma, consider visiting it or any of the exhibits previewed in Art Focus Oklahoma this month, including CLAY which I wrote about on page 12.


So where do you go to look at art?


3 thoughts on “Art Crawl”

  1. We live halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee, so we try to get to the Art Institute a couple of times a year, and last year we also went to the Milwaukee Museum of Art. I try to do local galleries and art fairs occasionally, but I don’t make it a weekly thing. I really need to feed myself with art and music more than I do. Doing an Internet crawl is a good idea.

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