Art After Steroids

Prickly sensations filled my brain this week as a steroid pack lessened my post-surgery swelling. I’m not sure it will help long-term, but for now I feel awesome.

Tonight’s art crawl opens with “Patient Girl” by the Clayton Brothers. Be sure to click through to the Print Magazine article as it contains loads of their work including “Wishy Washy” which will be featured in the Texas Contemporary Art Fair at Houston’s Lawndale Arts Center starting October 10th. I highly recommend it as a place for spotting emerging ideas. Plus “Patient Girl” is quite beautiful full size.


Next, visit Edward Burtynsky’s water images at ArtLog. Spend some time sensing water issues, not overthinking them. Burtynsky has two exhibits going on in New York plus a book for the rest of us:

Click to view Edward Burtynsky's organic images
Click to view Edward Burtynsky’s organic images

And finally, we all need to feel powerful, so I wanted to mention the “Club to Catwalk” exhibit at the Victoria and Albert in London. It’s all about how the London club scene created 1980s fashion. Imagine being the goth girl who inspired a designer like Galliano, then went home at 4 a.m. with a hangover. If you’re able to get Brit-side in time, I’m wretched jealous. Send in a review and I’ll post it. Sorry but The Wag is no more. You’ll have to find a wanna-be 80s night spot.

And here’s a piece of history commentary: You know all those shredded jeans everyone’s buying “retro 80s”? We didn’t have those. Instead we bought basic jeans and a razor blade. The rips and cuts were a form of personal expression. You couldn’t pay me to wear jeans cut up by someone else, then hemmed around the edges. Part of the art was organic, wondering how far the rips would run in the next wash.

Awesome images, information and a video at the website for those of us who can't make it.
Awesome images, fashion, information and a video at the website for those of us who can’t make it.

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