An Uneasy Day

Remote from the Beltway, with the sun shining and the morning delivering 72-degree perfection, I find it impossible to relate to anyone’s idealistic political battles.  I know three things:

1)  With the day off work, I will be writing this afternoon.  My characters don’t care much about the government shutdown, but it might make a nice plot twist.  

2)  Someone I care about deeply called yesterday to say his liver had failed.  I have no tolerance for triteness and Congress in the face of losing this special person.

3) My eldest begins the college application process today, my baby begins a fabulous new videography class. They both cannot even fathom what is happening in Washington. I hope–only hope–that their generation brings better people to Washington.

So I guess as I write, I might try to expose something of the gulf between politics in this country and real people. But I won’t dwell on that too much. Kinda seems unreal … and ridiculous. Too strange for fiction?


9 thoughts on “An Uneasy Day”

  1. I follow politics, but not ahead of the things you mention, which are the only things that matter. It is a shame that politics impacts those kind of things sometimes, or else I could treat it completely as a strange fiction. They live in a bizarre & different world…until they get sick. I bet the ones who were sick in office made better social decisions, but one would have to check that. 😀

  2. I think a struggle for increasing corporate control of our system is behind all of this, and to me, that is just evil. I’m sorry to hear you received bad news about your friend. We lost a friend to a sudden heart attack Sunday night, and things like that do make all the jockeying for power seem so unbelievably petty.

  3. That’s an interesting point about being sick in office. I think the distance between Washington and Main Street is growing and maybe a few politicians humbked by illness–or anything–could help bring them closer.

  4. Except they are all incredibly wealthy. But yes, the feeling vulnerable. Was it FDR who was in the wheelchair, but hid it? Who taxed the wealthy and instituted all the current social programs? I can’t remember now =D

  5. Yes, FDR was in a wheelchair from polio but mostly hid it. I think there’ only one known photo of him in it. He didn’t create all the social programs though. LBJ did a lot of them. I write and edit social studies textbooks for a living. 🙂

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