Art for a Windy Thursday

Note: My Thursday night art crawls began as a personal response to living in my otherwise-perfect small town with almost no galleries. I don’t want to think stale so I search for art online, sort of like dashing from gallery to gallery in an arts district. And now I’m sharing. Please feel free to add your fave online spots in the comments.

With the Oklahoma wind signaling Autumn, my Thursday night Art Crawl is searching for relief from that restlessness–for security. At “24 Works on Paper,” artist Suamo Paupauga’s “Alofa” feels inviting, warm, like the love of a grandpa. The full exhibit displays a huge range of styles and ideas. Best of all, It is touring Oklahoma, bringing art to rural areas. The full schedule is here.

Click to Visit OVAC's "24 Works on Paper"
Click to Visit OVAC’s “24 Works on Paper”

Some of you may not want to call this art, but at the Tribeca Online Film Festival, “The Contenders” talks about an idea that could bring new innovation across all fields of inquiry: using non-professional, creative problem-solvers to look at a puzzle with a fresh perspective. You won’t believe who solved this medical mystery:


And finally, in Norway, an artist called Anja Carr is part of the notorious, Høstutstillingen 2013. Since I won’t be in Oslo before the 13th, I’m snooping around for some of her work. Provocative: food, anger, sex and unpredictability, sort of cagey-bright. Like My Little Pony at a burlesque show Start at her website:

imageThen maybe mosey on over to the ArtSlant article on the Oslo show:

ArtSlant article by Charlotte Jansen

So maybe I started out looking for tranquility, but the wind changed? Here’s something a little more peaceful to close: “Soul Freedom” by Michelle Wiarda at FineArt America. (and no, nobody paid me to send you there. I just like the image)



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