Thursday Night Art Crawl: Read Not the News!

Who needs news when we have faces to read?  Expressions drawn by Honore Daumier jump right off the page to make you smile, ponder or even cry.  Here is a wonderful exhibit of Daumier’s drawings on “Reading,”:

Click for the full slide show.
Click for the full slide show.

I love the dreamy image of the man on right. Visit the full Daumier Online Register for information on all of its exhibits.

And from New York a past MOMA exhibition on Magritte led to a fabulous NY Times slideshow of his work. Being from Houston I’ve seen a lot of his work at the Menil, but this exhibit offers new images–so alive. Happy, yet haunting, they challenge logic.

Click to visit The Art Story article on Magritte with three slide shows.

And finally “Place Pigalle” by Joseph Cain from the FBI’s online gallery of stolen art. Mostly dealers and crime writers browse it regularly, but maybe you can be the sharp-eyed civilian who spots a stolen masterpiece.

Click to visit the FBI’s Art Theft page featuring information on the database and the Art Crime Team which is featured in my upcoming series.

What art did you see this week? For the sake of the artists, share it.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Night Art Crawl: Read Not the News!

  1. Thanks, rhchaitlin. He is such a great master and so often not given his due since much of his best-known works were caricature. Sort of like the great actor never given full respect because he is also a comedian. Dauier’s range of emotional content amazes me.

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