Shoving forward, smiling

Sorry, no time to wait for permission. Yes, I had brain surgery but the world didn’t stop. My life wants a reset. My brain, thanks to a steroid treatment from my family doctor, feels mostly ready. If I wait around for the specialists, my progress will make less … um, progress.

Nobody, no matter what their degrees, knows as much about my body as I do. No doctor is fully vested in my recovery So far, each specialist has advanced my progress, but the person who can help me most is ME.

Time to shove forward with this recovery. Momentum and hope have more healing power than inactivity.

I accept no limits, no compromises. NO further delays.


(If you are here for Acoustic Neuroma information, my general story and recommendations are here.)

4 thoughts on “Shoving forward, smiling

  1. Hi, Lucie! I’m so glad to read that you are on the mend. Everything you say is true. Recovery is individual and at our own pace. Treat yourself kindly, if you can, during the healing process.

    Take care
    Margaret Lesh

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