Look out reality!

Diving into my second suspense novel, I have to face reality–or do I?

Writing the first book, I used to get lost in the narrative for days. Didn’t write, tweet, or FB. Forgot errands. Scribbled in notebooks during my son’s baseball games. Reality took a back seat to my story.

imageThen came queries, contracts, revisions, publishing and promotions. I wrote as I could between them. About two thirds of the way through my second book, in the middle of DISTORTION’s launch, a strange feeling of vertigo set in.

Distracted by dizziness, doctors, the tumor itself and surgery, I couldn’t write. The motion of my iPad made me dizzy, yes, but mostly my mind just felt confused, unable to concentrate. After the surgery, it felt like exploding.

Now, SHUT THE DOOR, I’m writing fiction again. And it doesn’t hurt so much. It started in brief spurts but is trying to channel. And I’m busy, busy — but writing like a banshee anyway — forgetting reality, just a little.

So the standard advice is be careful, use a scheduler and double-check commitments. Don’t want to get lost and forget something important. And I do those things, sort of. Until they get in the way of my story.

Reality, after all, is overrated.



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