Art Crawl: the female image

Anyone who has read my fiction knows I have strong opinions on female body image. Like many women, I am not terribly comfortable with the word feminist. I don’t hate men–my husband can attest to that. So maybe we need a new word but we can all share the same outrage at the body image set before young women starting as toddlers.

Here’s a really great story at Today.com on the art of David Trumble. He reworks historical figures as if for a Disney film. Eye-opening.

Visit Hillary, Malala and Rosa Parks
Visit Hillary, Malala and Rosa Parks

Then click over to Houston artist Liz Hill”s site for some images of real women in watercolor.

Click to visit her watercolors of real women
Click to visit her watercolors of real women

And here’s an amazing woman’s art. Raelene Ash will be part of the Minnesota Women’s Art Festival in December. Once homeless, she creates masterpieces on paper bags:

Click to visit several images at a Minnesota gallery
Click to visit several images at a Minnesota gallery

And finally, I’m sending you to visit a Today.com video of how a model’s body is Photoshopped for a magazine. Watch the background as they talk. http://www.cnn.com/video/standard.html?/video/showbiz/2013/11/08/sbt-sally-gifford-piper-photoshop-video.hln&video_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com


3 thoughts on “Art Crawl: the female image”

  1. The whole body image thing is horrifying. Did you see the video going around recently that showed exactly how model photos photoshopped and retouched to get that plastic Barbie look?

  2. I KNEW they didn’t look that good 🙂
    I loved the paper bag art. So great. My brother is an artist and I particularly like one of his paintings of a woman. If you’d like to see it it’s at http://www.billhibberd.com/available-original-oil-paintings.html. The one I like is on the top line, second painting in. It’s a departure from his normal style and I really like it. My cousin is an artist too. Me? I couldn’t paint a picture to save my life!

  3. Thanks for sharing his work with us, Linnea. I like tge way her headscarf distorts into movement. And thanks rhchatilin! I added the today phow version of that video cause I couldn’t find it on YouTube. Amazing. And to me it’s gross. I appreciate your mentioning it.

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