Guest Blogger Heather Davis Talks About Sex, BabyFat, Forty and Feeling Frisky

Heather Davis is an amazing mom with that rare gift for laughing at herself, and at life’s little oddities. Her first book, TMI Mom: Oversharing My Life reached Kindle’s #1 spot in Motherhood last weekend. Her next book looks to be really HOT. Lucie

Click to visit Heather's Facebook page
Click to visit Heather’s Facebook page

Fat, Forty and Feeling Frisky—that was the original title of the second book in my series of humorous essays. The first book was a collection of funny stories that served as a display case for my (and probably any other harried momma’s) life. The second book, I had decided, would be a sex book.

When I told a friend I was writing about mine and Brian’s quest to reclaim some of the romance we had before becoming parents, she asked, “Are you doing this because of Fifty Shades of Grey?”

Umm … ewww.

And … no.

The truth was that I never expected for us to become that old married couple, you know the kind that fall asleep in the recliner before the evening news comes on. I never figured we’d be the kind who would exhaust ourselves trying to figure out the last time we actually had sex. I never figured we’d be the kind to add “Getcha Some” as an appointment in our Google calendars.

Click for Heather's Amazon page
Click for Heather’s Amazon page

But we had become that couple practically the minute our little family of four was complete.

So, while I loved my sleep, I loved my husband more … and, if I’m gonna put it all out there (why stop now, right?) we are good lovers to each other, and I missed that. Fat, Forty and Feeling Frisky was renamed Getting Lucky and it chronicles our quest to bring the boom boom back to our bedroom.

The good news is this: It worked—our bedroom is full of boom boom.

The better news is this: It’s not fifty shades of anything but hilarious and hysterical antics that every parent can relate to.

The best news is this: You can read all about it on November 29 when Getting Lucky hits the shelves of your online bookstore!

Heather Davis is a momma, a writer and soon-to-be sex experts to tired masses yearning to get ‘em some. She and her husband live with their two sleepwalking daughters in Oklahoma. She blogs at http://www.Minivan-Momma.com and her books, including Getting Lucky, are available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and your other favorite online venues.


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