Insert New Years Resolution Here

Sorry I don’t have one. Everyone else is posting fabulous goals and new starts, but I won’t. Instead I’m taking the unglamorous path: STAYING THE COURSE.

Kinda dull, I know. The fact is that three years ago I started working out in earnest. Four years ago, I started writing again. I’m happy with the results of both. In the meantime I’ll be sending my eldest to college later this year and sending my homeschooled eighth-grader, my baby, to high school at the same time.

My central role this year is supporting them. After graduating my baby from homeschool in May, I plan to actually get my first full-time job in 18 years –that is if anyone will hire me.

Between freelance work and fiction, I’m writing more than ever. Right now, my focus is on revising my very rough next novel, PARADOX. Entire scenes that I wrote around the time of my brain surgery just make no sense. I love revision though and am so excited about where this book is going. With very little time leftover for blogging I will continue to post sporadically.

And mostly, I want to propose that sometimes instead of another goal, the best course is to stay the course.

Wishing you a redemptive and rewarding 2014!


1 thought on “Insert New Years Resolution Here”

  1. Sometimes staying the course is the best resolution of all. My resolution this year is just to get well. (I received a troubling diagnosis on New Year’s Eve.)

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