Revision Boot Camp: The Sweet Spot

At some point in every book or story I’ve written, the characters sort of took over, the story started writing itself, and suddenly some of its loose ends started resolving themselves.  Is that the voodoo magic of fiction?

Okay, maybe it’s not real voodoo … but it IS the sweet spot. My question to you, recruit, is this: did you write at least some of this book in your sweet spot? Did you turn over your mind, your soul, and your computer keyboard to it? Really?

Admit it, there is a scene in your story that is NOT from that spot. Maybe you were tired, under deadline, or trying to watch Breaking Bad while writing!

I want you to print out a copy of that scene, TEAR it up, ponder each character in that scene for a moment or two, then rewrite this scene to your character’s demands.

Sure, this means you will be throwing away words that you suffered over but your book will be better for it.  And yes, those characters might sort of sidetrack or even derail your plot.

I’m not saying you have to keep the changes but you just might. Good luck!


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