Carry on now: Act 3

Thanks everyone again for all your fab support while DISTORTION ambled on the top 100. even the top 10 murder mysteries on Kindle. It’s still on 99 cent special through this weekend so this is a great time to recommend it to friends.

I want to congratulate my friend, Peggy Chambers and Airship 27
Productions on the great new pulp novel, The Apocalypse Sucks!. Here’s a link to all the particulars. Congratulations!

Act 3

So if you did your homework, you have written a query, you have written a synopsis, and you set aside your novel for a week. After a quick read-through, just reading, not editing, you are ready to revise Act 3.

What are your goals here:

1) To ensure that you harvested the potential of your original premise

2) To successfully translate the character arcs to the page, not just develop them in your mind.

3) To bring forth a climax that feels satisfying in the end.

One recommendation I have is to keep your narrative flowing at this point, don’t dissect or chop it. In other words, if a scene in Act 3 needs some revisions, lock yourself in a room, close down the internet, and rewrite it from start to finish. Narrative flows better when it comes streaming out. Keep that stream flowing throughout Act 3.

After you have tightened your third act, I want you to o one more revision yourself before sending this book to betas. We’ll talk about that later this week.

Good luck and congratulations, Recruit. You’re in the home stretch.


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