The Truth: Do You Want It?

The truth doesn’t make you rich or famous. It isn’t glam or simple. But truth will set your soul at ease. Finding the truth can be a challenge. Entire journalistic careers have been built or broken on the ability to unearth true facts, yet how often does the apparent truth turn out to be an illusion.

Marcus Aurelius said, Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth,” but I couldn’t disagree more. When you really look deep, beyond the distortions of unobjctive viewpoints and outright lies, the truth is laying there, quite plainly. The question is, now that you found it, do you really want it?

Click to download your copy
Click to download your copy

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” -Buddha

That’s why I found the concept of Buzz Books USA’s latest YA title Kiss and Tell by Sandy Green to be so interesting: What if your lip gloss told you the truth? Would you want to know?

In KISS AND TELL, the book alternates between JENNA, a contemporary teen, and VERITY, a former ancient water spirit paying penance as Jenna’s truth-telling magical lip gloss.

After a life of lies and deception, Verity has been transformed into a Sibbecoss – the Kiss of Peace – and permitted to offer and reveal the truth to the ones with the courage to hear it. When Verity reveals Jenna’s painful and shocking past to her, Jenna forgives those responsible and forsakes those who would control her. But that isn’t quite enough to save Jenna from deadly harm.

Verity has one last chance to ultimately atone for the horrors she caused in her past and repair the link between her and Jenna. Will Verity find redemption and peace in the present by protecting Jenna’s future?

I think it’s brilliant! Here’s some reviews:

“Plunge into the spellbinding tale of Jenna as she discovers she was never who she thought she was. Unearthing the truth leads her into the bewitching realm of a past never found in history books! Sandy Green’s Kiss and Tell enthralls you from the very first page.” – D. S. Milan, author of A Year of Starless Nights

“Sandy Green has woven a brilliant tapestry of mythology and contemporary YA in her novella, Kiss and Tell. The essence of the story is cleverly disguised in the title, so subtle, and yet revealing.” – Gayle C. Krause, author of the SCBWI Golden Kite Nominee, Ratgirl: Song of the Viper

Because if you think about really, the truth does always come out. We so often just try to ignore or deny it. Facing the truth is everything. I asked Sandy Green about the truth theme of her book:

Sandy Green, author of KISS AND TELL; click to visit her website
Sandy Green, author of KISS AND TELL; click to visit her website

In KISS AND TELL, even the name of one of the characters, Amélie (am-a-lie), reveals the main conflict and importance of truth in the story. As a long living water naiad, Amélie spends the first part of her substantial life in a self-serving existence. She lies to her sister naiads, a handsome shepherd, her cloud goddess mother, and ultimately twists the truth in such a heinous way, as retribution, she’s transformed into truth itself – Verity the Sibbecoss, the Kiss of Peace.

As the Sibbecoss, Verity realizes that truth can hurt others, or even the truth-seeker, as much as a lie. But in her final act of contrition, where there is no alternative than self-sacrifice, she is permanently freed.

Congratulations Sandy!



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