What I have to say is THANKS!

Yesterday was just amazing. The Story conference was a huge success. I want to thank everyone who came, who helped to organize it, and who appeared or promoted it. A list is on my Facebook page. What great information and insights.

I also want to thank you all for your ongoing support for my books, articles and poetry. I’m pulling back from social activities just now. Just too much vertigo and too much pain. I hope to be back soon.

So many of you have enjoyed the Art Crawls I put together in the past that I thought it fitting to show how I feel by sharing a work of art from one of them (Sept.) This is from the Clayton Brothers. Click to see more of their art.

Is it an omen that their latest exhibit was called "I'm okay"?
Is it an omen that their latest exhibit was called “I’m okay”?

The thing is, I’m not doing great and my recovery recently took a nosedive. It might take a while for the doctors to figure this out. I don’t know much except how I feel. My thinking is completely warped and confused. I ‘m tired. Though I know other brain patients read this and I should write more, I just can’t. I recommend the Acoustic Neuroma page (see index to the left) and for feelings you might relate to, this post: Sept 14, 2013

Take care.


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