Writing Art: Working with Light

For Wayback Wednesday:

Lucie Smoker

When creating visual art, the artist utilizes light from around him, from within the painting or sculpture, and as a part of the void where his medium is not. The lighting becomes an integral piece of the final statement and smart artists spend hours ensuring that their work is displayed in the best possible light.
For my research on noir fiction, I watched many “B” movies that practically bashed me in the head with the conscious manipulation of light. Shadows through doorways, light through vertical blinds or screens, and the headshot with light coming from behind were the most cliche. I’m always searching for fresh ways to use light in writing. Throughout my books, I describe light in fresh ways such as the cottonwood tree that’s “a random symphony of strobe lights.”

Yet most often when I bring up this aspect f my work, I’m told that most mystery authors…

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