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Words, picture, potential.

The past week ushered in changes:  a new physician leading my team, another scholarship for my son, plans for an art exhibit in my hometown and a pristine, new writing project. Sometimes change can feel scary, but right now it just feels great!

Check out my words in a simple little story at the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition blog, then bookmark the blog. It’s chock-full of great art:

Sharing Jason Willaford's Vinyls with Skeptical Teens
Sharing Jason Willaford’s Vinyls with Skeptical Teens

Picture: I contributed a photo of PURE JOY emanating from my son (taken by Enid Library) to Oklahoma Women Bloggers. It’s not often that teens smile that big. Click the logo to view it:

Wordless Wednesday
Wordless Wednesday

And finally, the potential. I’m writing more creative nonfiction and saw a Kickstarter startup this morning that just ties right in:

A qwerkywriter


PS: I’m not paid to advertise it or anything on this blog, just saluting a great idea!



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