acoustic neuroma

Recovery: I wrote a scene!

Wow, the human brain DOES heal with time.  17 months after surgery, I actually completed a full scene of fiction this morning. That’s something I haven’t managed since my minor brain incident in February.  Yes, I have been writing non-fiction and publishing in magazines and online.  Freelancing is rewarding in itself but it never has given me the same feeling as writing fiction.

The creative “zone” uses every section of the brain and mine shut down/gave me pain when I tried to write fiction.  After much personal  research, several consults with various physicians, and thinking I had just lost my art, my neurologist finally admitted that the medication we were using to control brain swelling was suppressing my creative thinking.  Two months later, I’ve weaned off it and am finally able to create short bits.

This is the first real scene. Time will make my routine normal again, I know that now.

My challenge to writer-friends is this:  write today as if you were having brain surgery tomorrow.

And P.S. Thanks to Smith Magazine for choosing my six-word memoir as The Daily Six on the 18th. Here’s the memoir that won the day. I love sixing and found these short bits to be quite therapeutic through this hard time of brain healing.


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