Art Crawl: Breathtaking

Sometimes an image stands out for its ethereal beauty or thought-provoking depth. Sometimes it reaches out and grabs your attention.  Art that demands a second look can help you open up to a concept you never considered or just take your breath away.


The beautiful, unnamed work featured above is part of an exhibit in Hoboken focused on peace called PAX.  This powerfully quiet piece connected with me today amidst the chaos, especially the hi-res version at (click into slide slide show image for the full version).  It looks like an awesome exhibit if you’re anywhere near New Jersey.  (Please write if you can identify the work and artist(s). I’d love to interview them.)

In New Orleans at the gallery Twenty-One Fourteen, the collaboration between Margaret Meinzer and Ben Gregory has resulted in works that play with your imagination.  “Luncheon on the Grass” (below) is just an appetizer.  Click the image for an online collection of both individual and collaborative works.  Even better, drop by the gallery while you’re in The Big Easy.

Click to view the full gallery

No artist has ever captured “Courage” like the people of Paris today, breathtaking: image And from Times Square: image

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