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Embracing the Story

Writing for me boils down to one thing: passion. The drive to tell my stories. And a craving for time to put more of them on the page. In the final stages of revising my next book, I’m savoring every moment of living in this story world. Perhaps my brain surgery and a period of not being able to write made me appreciate the art and craft that much more. To stay authentic, to keep being myself, that passion has to drive all my writing decisions.

My publisher for Distortion and Retribution has been inactive for a while now. First, I have to say that Buzz Books was very good to me. They empowered me to get out there and share my book. With their help and a ton of hard work, Distortion achieved some success. Now they’re reverting my rights and it will go out of print.

Some of the other Buzz authors are self-publishing their books rather than leaving them out of print. Several writer friends had advised me to do that, others advised waiting a while. I decided to wait.

It all boils down to that one thing: passion. I could not feel passionate about diving into the re-release of my last book when my head and heart are fully immersed in the new one. Distortion will be available as long as one used print copy remains for sale. If someone is looking for it, they can buy it, but I’ll not be promoting it at all. The reader will have to be seeking it out by word of mouth and I’m okay with that.

In the meantime I will finish Paradox at my pace, without a deadline. I’ll find a home for it. My poem, “In a Shard of the Bedroom Mirror” will be out in the spring of 2016 as part of the Veils, Halos and Shackles anthology and I’ll help promote its very worthy cause. My articles and short stories will continue to come out regularly.

But none of those things take the time of a novel promo. It’ll be fun to just write. Pure delight.

P.S. The painting featured above is a Picasso stolen in 2010, Pigeon with Green Peas. If you see it in real life, call the FBI. In my next book, we’ll go on an adventure with it.


2 thoughts on “Embracing the Story”

  1. Good day,
    Great blog!
    I needed some advice regarding publishing of stories, poems, novels, et cetera. If you could spare a few moments off your schedule regarding this matter, I would highly appreciate it.
    Warm regards,

  2. Howdy Sky! I am no expert on publishing but you can send questions through the contact page. Since I have worked mostly with traditional publishers and magazines, I do recommend querying. If you get a rejection,take in any advice and query again. Publishing is quite varied and I wrote a post about it here: I recommend finding a good writer board for your genre so you can get the right advice.

    But feel free to write. With regards,Lucie

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