Trust Me, Your Story is Relevant

As I finish preparing Paradox for beta readers, a new book has grabbed hold of my psyche.  It’s one that’s been rattling around in my head for quite a while now. Unrelated to the Adele Proust mysteries, it’s partially based in a place, the Shetland Islands, partly in an experience I had there, and partly in legend.  It’s called Trust Me.

Here’s a link to the memoir that inspired it:

“In The Company of Forever” at OutsideIn Literary and Travel Magazine

That was long ago and it took me half a lifetime to understand it fully enough to build the right story around it. I recently explained it all to Hedgebrook, a very noble non-profit initiative that supports developing writers with a possible literary residency. The odds of actually getting to spend two weeks in gorgeous solitude to write are pretty slim, but the real reward is in the application—having to write about what this story means to me, how it is relevant.

I recommend forcing yourself to apply for a grant or residency. It makes you take your writing seriously and BELIEVE in its relevance. Life’s too short to avoid that.

So here’s a toast to me and my imaginary place of solitude. They say reality is an illusion, right?

The image of a Hedgebrook cabin in my mind. It works okay as imagination too,.
The image of a Hedgebrook cabin in my mind. It works okay as imagination too,.

2 thoughts on “Trust Me, Your Story is Relevant

  1. I never considered or even knew about applying for residency in a place I could hammer put my stories. I really hope you get it!

  2. Thanks! And I hope you apply for one when the time is right. For me, the very different style of this new book is just demanding some solitude.

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