Back to the Zone

When I write fiction, I don’t focus on completing scenes or meeting goals. What’s more important to me is the feeling that I connected with that moment of story, brought out its nuance, and gave it a pulse.

When I first started writing again, I rarely felt that connection. Brain surgery had little to do with the problem, instead I think it was stress. Now my soul feels animated by the joy of my stories. I’m in the zone.

What’s the zone? It’s a cascade of writing flowing from my hands and brain. It isn’t editing. It doesn’t focus on deadlines – but can help me reach one.

The zone is all about flow. It’s that place where the words seduce my readers into the story. Instead of getting in the way, they pick up the scene and carry it. Takes a lot of writing to get to this place. And it rarely happens for me in first drafts. More often, I’ve been working on a scene, cutting, pasting, imagining—and then I trash it. I find the zone in the rewrite.

That’s where I am just now. Feels great.