In Faceted Shadows

Always curious about new ways of seeing, I’ve been exploring 3D shadows in my next book. I used to experience them in downtown Houston between skyscrapers at night. They most often appeared like the image above (look past the lights into the shadows). Sometimes they seemed to suspend spectral shapes in midair. More recently I enjoyed them in the Chihuly exhibit at the Oklahoma City MOA, but didn’t know what to call them. Here’s a photo I took of one Chihuly (no, I’m not a photographer).

Art and shadows by Dale Chihuly at OKCMOA; Lousy photo by me

If you look at the spectral imagery on the walls behind the art glass, you get a 2-d version of the 3-d experience I’m trying to describe.

Here’s a New York sidewalk photographed by Madelaine DeRose at that is truly a landscape.  Back up a little and fan shapes appear like facets of a gem.


Can 3D shadows reflect a hidden landscape within my crime fiction? When I included them in a new scene for my writer’s critique group, the group made it clear that this concept is fascinating, but isn’t well-known. To some, it’s just confusing, to others it titillates and expands their perception.

Which is exactly what I want.

So I guess in some ways it’s a reminder that I need to clarify that scene a bit, I need to draw a clear enough image in their minds, but preserve the central concept. My books are born from a real need to stretch my own perception of the world and they will never appeal to everyone, just the ones who want to stretch in a similar way.

And that’s okay.

Distortion went through similar critiques about reverse perspective but in the end, the people who loved the book enough to tell friends and help make it a success were most fascinted by this new way of seeing. It inspired enough people even if it didn’t appeal to everyone.

Book Buzz column

Two bits of news:

My latest and final column for ionOklahoma Magazine came out last week. It’s a good pub but I need to allocate my time to other writing. Click the image to read it online.


Click to pre-order at Kasva Press

And my poetry debut in Veils Halos and Shackles is available for preorder. With voices of women across the globe, this collection will shock, startle, and above all, INSPIRE … like faceted shadows.


5 thoughts on “In Faceted Shadows

  1. I wanted to pop in and thank you for the review. Honored to be one of your last ones!

    I’ve also been intrigued by multiple shadows. The house I grew up in had very old windows, as well as leaded glass windows in the doors, and I loved the patterns you’d get as the sun moved through the sky.

    I’ve seen some interesting patterns as well with one of the stairways at TCC.

    Definitely a thinking post!

  2. Bob, I know what you mean about those old leaded glass doors. And we used to hang a crysral in the window just to watch the shadows. You have an excellent book! Good luck with it.

  3. Dear txsunshine , PARADOX is complete. I’m just kinda determined to work with a larger publisher on this one. My experience with Buzz Books was awesome, but I would prefer a publisher with wider distribution and more stability. So I need to get an agent and the book most likely won’t be out for at least a year!

    You have been so supportive! If I get a chance to send you an advance copy, I will. Love you!

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