Scissortail and a Brain Tumor

Y’all I’m so honored to be reading at the Scissortail Creative Writing Festival along with Naomi Shahib Nye, Rilla Askew, Oklahoma Poet Laureate Dr. Benjamin Myers, and many other great writers.  Why in the heck would they choose me?  You’ll have to ask Dr. Ken Hada that, but I think the subject of my reading was at least part of it.

Make more with your short sticks.

My journey back to writing fiction after brain surgery tested my commitment to writing down to the marrow.  Coming out of the initial brain haze, I wrote a poem and a few shorts, but…

I could not imagine or write fiction.

No doctor could tell me why.  I still do not know for certain if the block was caused by a medication or brain damage or stress.  Determined to get my art back, I struggled through by writing nonfiction shorts, my short sticks.

The title of my talk is an award-winning six-word memoir I wrote about it.  And the 15-minute reading will be a journey through some of my writings and publications over a year spent struggling to get my writing groove back.

Y’all come out!

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And in the meantime, check out my feature on PS Gordon for Art Focus Oklahoma Magazine:  

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