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Silence would be a lie

Know much about the Maldives?  Me neither. The #FreeLucas hashtag got me curious this morning so I read up on the growing repression there and the missing journalists.  It’s an old story:

* demagogue in office, any voices of opposition disappear;

* Journalists looking for the missing disappear too;

And back home in the United States, the Republican Party just elected a demagogue to be their candidate for US President.

You can’t discuss politics on your blog or

no publisher will touch you.”  

I live in a conservative state.  Pundits call it a red state but I’m not so sure.  Fact is, most level-headed people here are rather oppressed by the presence of scout leaders who call the POTUS a monkey in front of kids or gun-toting bullies who drive around with huge “Trump” flags flying from their pickup beds.  The far right is noisy and confrontational here.  They threaten people not as much with violence as with social isolation.  

“You can’t put a Hillary sticker on your car.  

People will vandalize it.”


I live in a state full of wonderful, caring people who perform small acts of kindness at the drop of a hat.  We’re KNOWN for taking care of each other in hard times.  I love these folks. When I talk politics, some friends and acquaintances quietly agree.  Others warn me not to talk about it.  Something might happen to me or my youngest child might be bullied in high school.

“You can’t discuss gun control in this state.  ‘They’ll’ accuse you

of threatening their Second Amendment rights.”

Oh bullcrap.  I know so many folks who have guns but can see the IMMEDIATE need for background checks.  I’ve yet to meet a rancher who had any need for an assault rifle on his property—except to protect him from the gov’ment.  Yep, I’ve met a few of those.  Those few believe the system is loaded against them and watch only Fox News.  They refuse to acknowledge the disconnect between their love for Republicans who sent their kids to the Middle East and their hatred for Obama who brought those kids home.


Most people here are NOT those few but are traditional Conservatives.  They love God and country. They love freedom.  If they didn’t, their families never would have come here.  They believe in family and traditional family values.  While the monkey comment may not have destroyed that scout leader, his cheating on his wife most certainly did.

The Republican Party elected a Russia-loving demagogue

to be their candidate for US President.” 

I can’t speak to how my state will vote. The pick of Pence for VP placated some of the conservatives on my private FB feed, but the fact is that they still don’t trust Trump.  The window has opened. As a writer, I have a certain responsibility to use my God-given talents to better this planet.  I can’t write lies. To remain silent about the growing threat to my country would be a lie.  We still have free speech even though the Republican Party elected a demagogue to be their candidate for US President.  I will use my words to prevent his election.

If you disagree, please say so.  That’s what political freedom is about.  This isn’t the Maldives, not yet.  The only thing imprisoning me is my own fear of what could happen.  I refuse to fall to it.  #freelucie