A Killer Weekend


Knock me over with a feather.  I’ve been awarded the Lisa Jackson Scholarship to attend Killer Nashville, all expenses paid.  It’s a huge con for my genre that I’ve always wanted to attend but could never quite swing the airfare, hotel, fees and time off.  This is a dream come true, thank you Ms Jackson and Scholarship Committee!


NY Times Bestselling Author, Lisa Jackson

The con has sessions on things like poisons, Special Ops procedures, and other things we slightly-warped thriller writers enjoy.  It has an escape room and crime scene to solve.  There will be famous writers like Max Allan Collins, Chris Grabenstein, Steven James and AJ Tata.

Thanks to the entire KN crew, especially Clay Stafford.  They have been stupendous!  I look forward to meeting loads of great people.  And learning.

Oh yeah and, knock me over with a feather!  I’m giving a 5-minute speech at the awards banquet. Gulp.  Ya’ll come.  You can subdue everyone so they can’t get up and leave.  Then clap REAL LOUD.


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  1. Thanks! I am very excited, sitting in an airport, waiting on my rescheduled, delayed flight. I don’t even care sbout the airline bumping me. It’s all good.

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