Crime, contacts . . . CRAFT!  Killer Nashville was amazing.  Above, see the featured image with Max Allan Collins, the master writer behind Road to Perdition and about a million other projects, plus now Quarry.


The workshops were just . . . well—like POISONS, State Department protocols, Noir, Police Procedures, Contracts and Humorous Thrillers.  Because you NEED humor when you figure out what this contract will actually pay you, right?

IMG_3940We had SO MUCH FUN figuring out the crime scene and escape room.  Okay, my team did not win and took half an hour to escape, but heck, we DID IT.  And the agent roundtable was full of insights into how these folks evaluate our samples.  A great boon to the bartender too?  Just kidding, maybe.


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But seriously, I feel like my wisdom bank just got a huge deposit from NYT bestselling author Lisa Jackson and Killer Nashville founders, Clay & Dr. Jacqueline Stafford, and the whole KN crew.  I was honored to spend time with these three ladies: Kathryn Lane who WON the Silver Falchion for Best Fiction with Waking Up in Medellin, Michelle Kubitz who took home 1st Runner Up to THE Claymore with Dragonfly Lake, and a previous Lisa Jackson recipient, Kathleen Donnelly, who 4D22CDE4-9C0B-4A73-A19F-8CECDB7FB397-848-000000C45556899Fshared loads of wisdom with me.

The panelists were all amazing but I truly NEEDED the wisdom from Jaden Terrell, Special Agent Ron Campbell, Elena Hartwell, The Author’s Guid’s Ryan Fox, TBI Assistant Director Dan Royse, Reavis Wortham and literary agents Jennifer March Soloway, Amelia Appel and Jessica Faust.

Thank you all for treating me with so much kindness and investing in my future.  The whole experience felt unreal, like a dream in the midst of the Houston flood and worry about my mom there.  Amazing that the con so engrossed me, I can see a path forward now.  I will be back.


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  1. I gotta be honest – you’re a cross between my lucky charm and my guardian angel. So glad that our paths crossed and I’m so excited to see what the future holds! I cannot WAIT until YOU are a Claymore finalist!

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