Imagination and research

As I dive more fully into my next book, I savor the chance to do more research.  Y’all have no idea how much fun it can be to write a book.  Ride-alongs with police, going out to the country to shoot an AK-47, figuring out just what it feels like to come back from a coma. 

Bugatti Veyron W16 engine
Bugatti Veyron W-16 engine

While most authors tend to base our work in life experience, IMAGINATION is the engine of the story. To follow my imagination where it leads me, I have to investigate the details to make it all feel true. His fast can a Bugatti go? What does Moroccan bread taste like? Realness and truth in the background help validate the story, which is, after all, a fiction. Good fiction has to be TRUER THAN TRUTH.

Amazing how pieces of research will inspire new twists to my books.  An episode of FBI Files (which I watched incessantly when I was getting into the head of one character) inspired a scene from my first book.  A ride-along, inspired a gesture.

What are you researching today.  What are you trying to bring from the world of imagination to the reality of story?

4 thoughts on “Imagination and research

  1. Researching religious history at the moment. Going between the Jesus Wars (about early Christanity), Occult Japan (about Shinto/Shamanism), and the Tao Te Ching.

  2. Well, I totally disagree. I mean, for New Year I am having to take an arduous trip to Paris, where i’m forced to stay in a former palace and spend hours lazing around in cafes people-watching. All because of this pesky “research” people insist I do. Outrageous, really it is.

  3. T Allen, yours sound so interesting. Religion contains so much passion, violence, and humility.

    And Mark–you are so naughty! I shall slap you one day when I come to your book signing. Seriously. And you may punch me when you come to mine.

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